SFCC & Bill Clinton



The newspaper advisor told me right before we left to see Clinton, take a photo that we won’t see in the Spokesman Review or on the news. Take something different.  “Uh….okay?”

These are a few of the best shots. I scooted to the very front as I was trying to get as close a shot as possible.  Next thing I knew, he was reaching his hand over to shake my hand.   The people around me up there knew I was a photographer with the paper, and opened up the circle for a moment.  I wasn’t very shy so I made the people laugh, thank goodness.  

And, then I scooted away. 

When Clinton reached over to shake my hand, all I could do was say, “My mother said to tell you hello.” Wow, really?  And “Wait….you’re at my school.  I just want a photo.” At that moment, he reached right next to me and I snapped and snapped, wishing my camera was in my face and not rumbling around in my left hand.  When it finally did reach eye level, I snapped as many as I could since Clinton’s face was right there, in the light.  

allie norton_me.jpg

I wore my press pass, student ID and camera around my neck.  It was the very first time I was to stand with the real press.  There were photographers from the Spokesman Review, Inlander (I think) an African American magazine and a couple of TV stations.  I stood right on the ledge with them.  

Allie Norton and I had met a few weeks before in Journalism class.  We’ve stayed in touch through email and twitter and when she saw me waiting to go into the speech, she called me over.  She just left KREM to go to a sister station in Oregon.  This is us. 

The rush from that day will stay with me for a long time to come.  

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