Grocery Store Checker

I’m a checker at a grocery store, and I have some of the best conversations with customers.  When I’m not having loaves of bread thrown at me or people telling me how rude I am, I’m pretty amused and enlightened at some of the stories I hear while checking the customer out.  So, I’ll be posting them sporadically.  Some are funny and a few are extremely touching and inspiring.  Read on!


Customer: You’re cute.
Me: Thanks.
Customer: Why aren’t you married?
Me: I haven’t found the right someone.
Customer: Think you’ll ever get married?
Me: Maybe, but it’s hard to find someone that really “gets me.”
Customer: What do you mean, “get you?”
Me: Well, they must be quirky and  offbeat.  People my age are usually too old for me.
Customer: I understand about dancing to the beat of your own drum.
Me: Is that right?
Customer: Yuppers!
Me: My birthday is next week and I’m not going to be 29.
Customer: Happy birthday! You’re pretty funny!
Me: Yuppers!
Customer: Well, I’m single and I totally get you.
Long beat.
Me: Yes, but you’re 12.
Customer: You said people your age are too old for you. 
Me: Well played, young man.
The kid’s mom returned, took his hand, thanked me for watching him and they left.

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