Dad’s Postcards

***This was actually written on my way to Portland, OR for a film festival, Sept 2017***

Ok…lemme tell you guys about sunsets, my dad and me.  From the age of 10, I can remember being fascinated with sunsets.  They were dreamy and exotic and took me to places only my imagination could create. Looking back, that was the complete opposite of what was going on in my head, so I fell in love with the colors.

Every time my dad went on his business trips, like Colorado, Norway, or other countries and states, he would always send postcards to all of us.  Mine were always sunsets.  I wish I had saved them all but I have the memories stored away in my heart.

In November 2016, the night we took my dad from his hospice floor to see my mom in the ICU, strangely, there was a beautiful sunset beginning to go down outside of his window.  When I told the nurses this story, one of them said it was my dad’s way of telling me he knew I was there.

These are by far the best sunset images I have ever personally shot.  (keep in mind this was in 2017.) They are NOT colored corrected (I will show anyone the Lightroom edit!! lol) but I did have to lighten or bring up the highlights or shadows.  Nothing major, that’s for sure.  I really just played around with the exposure settings, as the sun was setting.  I wanted the images in the camera to match exactly what I was witnessing.

In between the tears of peacefulness and a breath, I watched the sun explode into the Oregon sky. This time, it was me who knew my dad was there.

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