It’s not an Eagle…honest!

Have you ever watched a movie or a TV show that takes place in nature, and in the background you hear what is portrayed as an eagle? Well, every time I hear that, I scream at the TV.

“It’s not an eagle, it’s a hawk!”

Of course, no one can hear me except my cat, and he no longer cares, because he’s heard a million times.

Today, another first for me. It was over 100 degrees, I was in my car probably checking Facebook or Instagram, windows up and air on and I hear a cry. I watch a lot of wildlife videos, so I figured one accidentally came on. There were no videos playing, so I shut the car engine off to see if I heard it again. I did.

I slowly got out of my car and heard it, again. I knew that sound from somewhere. Then, I saw it! There were 2 hawks screaming and chasing each other from a big tree in front of someone’s home, to an open field across the street. I’ve never seen that before nor have I ever heard a hawk’s cry that sounded exactly like we hear in the movies or TV shows.

Of course, I reached in my car and got my camera to snap as many shots as I could.

The sounds were piercing and almost non-stop, as the one chased the other, swooping up and down, in the field. I’m not sure if it was a mom and fledgling but wow!

It was amazing to watch. I was disappointed when one flew away and the other swooped out of sight.

So, the next time you watch a film or a TV show, and you hear the “eagle” cry in the background, shout out, “That’s not an eagle, it’s a hawk!” Perhaps your cat will care.

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