Song of the Blackbird

I was on the side of the road, watching a hawk, hoping he’d fly closer to me. Sunset was a half hr away and I was about to leave, knowing I’d never get the shot. I heard this amazing song coming from behind me, and even tho I recognized it, somehow, it sounded a little different.

I figured the bird was telling me to pay attention to him, since he was right there. I snapped several shots of this large, black bird, not knowing what he was. I talked to him, as I always do, and told him to move into the light. LOL It was too dark to catch any definition, so, since he was already a silhouette, here is the finished photo. After searching for about 15mins to see what the bird was, and match him with the song, he’s a Red-winged Blackbird. I first thought Brown-headed Cowbird, but the beaks confirmed the breed.

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